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                            150A hybrid bidirectional solid state relay

                            Release time:

                            2023-05-31 18:30


                            PRODUCT INTRODUCTION
                            This product is a high performance & low cost bi-directional hybridrelay designed by mixing a high power IGBT and a traditionalmechanical relay. The maximum rating is 800V/150 A. Like traditionamechanical relays, this product supports 2500 Vrms isolation and canbe widely used in electric vehicles, charging piles, energy storage, PVinverter, etc
                            DESIGN SPECIFICATION
                            Symbol Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Unit
                            VDD Input power supply voltage 11.5 12 13  
                            IDD Input ON average current   30o   mA
                            IDCPWR Power output current -150      
                            lLk Leakage current     500 uA
                            vDCON ON state voltage drop   0.08   v
                            pWD Minimum input pulse width       ms
                            dvldtIN Input signal voltage rise rete 0.1      
                            tDLH Turn-on propagation delay   30 5o ms
                            tDHL Turn-off propagation delay   60 8o ms
                            tr Turn-on rise time   15   us
                            tf Turn-off fall time   10   us
                            dildtOFF current turn off rate   20   us



                            · Maximum operation current up to 150Adc;

                            · Small volume: 65mm x 61mm x 55mm;

                            · On load switching lifetime >10,000 times:

                            · Extremely low on-resistance:

                            · Bidirectional and no switching jitters;

                            · Wide temperature range: -40°C  85°C


                            APPLICATION NOTE


                            Main devices
                            Device functionality Part number Device brand
                            Input fuse 0487020MXEP Lite
                            Input rectifier bridge GB]2508 Hongyang
                            PFC current sampling MCA1101-20-5 Xinna
                            PFC MOSFET SRC60R090BT Shangyang Tong
                            PFC diode G4HO6510AT Tyco Tianrun
                            PFC driver IC IX4340N Lite
                            LLC Primary-Side MOSFET SRC60R140BTC-E Shangyang Tong
                            LLC primary side driver IC NSI6602B-DSPNR Nanochip
                            LLC secondary side MOSFET PDC3094X Broadeng
                            LLC secondary side driver IC IXDN609SIA Lite


                             MEASUREMENT RESULTS AND WAVEFORMS



                            picPeak Torque & Efficiency VS Speed


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