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                            400W 3-phase input industrial fan motor drive

                            Release time:

                            2023-05-24 14:42


                            PROJECT INTRODUCTION
                            This reference design is designed to convert a single-phase input fandrive to a three-phase input. For single-phase input, the fan drive busvoltage is 400Vdc. To adapt different input, the three-phase AC inputis first boost to 700Vdc and then buck to 400Vdc. Three-phase PFCand Buck converter are controlled by one MCU and the fan drive iscontrolled by another one. The reference design achieves therequirement of iTHD smaller than 20% at 10% load.
                            DESIGN SPECIFICATION
                            Input Voltage 380Vac+-10%
                            Output Voltage 400Vdc
                            Rated Power 400W
                            System Efficiency >90%



                            · Active 3 phase 6 switches PFC

                            · MCU control PFC+buck; SVPWM algorithm for optimized low iTHD design;

                            · 400Vdc output, fully compatible with single-phase motor drive

                            · Easy to expand power rating without change topology;

                            · Total solution,3 phase PFC+buck+motor drive:

                            · Full protection, include input UVLO & OVP, output OCP & OVP


                            MAIN TOPOLOGY


                            MAIN DEVICES
                            Function Part Number Brand
                            Input Fuse 0443002.DR Littelfuse
                            PFC & Buck MOS IXFQ8N85X IXYS
                            Buck Diode IVID1200502 Invertchip
                            Current Sensor MCA1101-05-5 Aceinna
                            Driver NSi6801C-DSWFR Novosense
                            AUX-Power MOSFET IXTH2N15 IXYS


                             MEASUREMENT RESULTS AND WAVEFORMS


                            piciTHD<10% @ fullload range

                            picEfficiency curve



                            picIin@0.1A load

                            picIin@0.2A load



                            picIin@0.3A load

                            picIin@0.5A load



                            picOutput voltage soft start-up

                            picVds @full load

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                            400W 3-phase input industrial fan motor drive


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