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                            30KW DCDC for traction

                            Release time:

                            2023-05-24 10:25



                            PROJECT INTRODUCTION
                            This reference design is a 30kW wide range DC/DC converter withinput range 400-950Vdc, rated output 110V/273A (output range90V~130V). The main topology adopts interleaved parallel Boost andLLC, and output rectifier used Schottky diode to get the extremelyhigh efficiency and reliability. This solution can be widely used inrailway or subway ground power supply.
                            DESIGN SPECIFICATION
                            Input Voltage 400vdc-700Vdc
                            Output Voltage 90-130Vdc
                            Rated Power 30KW
                            System Efficiency 95%
                            Switching Frequency Boost:45KHz;LLC:60~150KHz



                            · Base on SiC design, fsw up to 50KHz, greatly reduce system volume;

                            · Agileswitch SiC module driver board, with short circuit protection:

                            · High system efficiency, up to 95%;

                            · Interleaved Boost, minimize the current ripple and inductor volume:

                            · LLC primary in series and secondary in parallel connection;

                            · Battery temperature compensation, real-time calibrate charging curve

                            · Full protection, including input OVP, UVP & OCP, output OVP, UVP & OCP


                            MAIN TOPOLOGY



                            MAIN DEVICES
                            Function Part Number Brand
                            Bbost MOS C2M0045150D Wolfspeed
                            Boost Diode C3D25770H Wolfspeed
                            Boost Rectifier Bridge VUO160-16NO7 力特
                            BOOST MOSFET Driver IXDN609SIA 力特
                            LLC MOS CAS300M17BM2 Wolfspeed
                            LLc Diode DSA3001200NA 力特
                            LLC MOSFET Driver NSI6602B-DSPNR 納芯微


                             MEASUREMENT RESULTS AND WAVEFORMS

                            picBoost: 500Vin 30kW 2 Channels Vgs&Vds 

                            picBoost: 500Vin 3kW 2 Channels Vgs&Vds&Iind



                            picLLC START UP @ 15KW LOAD

                            picLLC START UP  NO LOAD



                            picDYNAMIC: OUTPUT 1KW TRANSFER TO 3OKW

                            picLLC WORKING WAVEFORM 30KW LOAD

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                            30KW DCDC for traction


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