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                            3.3KW Interleaved PFC

                            The project is 3.3kW interleaved PFC, with input 176Vac~264Vac andoutput 400Vdc/8.5A. The 180interleaved operation significantlyreduces high frequency ripple current on the input DC BUS and theoutput capacitor; Switch frequency is set as 65KHz; Peak efficiency iup to 98.4% and PF exceeds 0.99 at full load and full input voltagerange. lt's a excellent DEMO for air conditioning, OBC and AC/DCconverter

                            6KW three channels interleaved parallel PFC

                            This project is 6KW three channels interleaved parallel PFC, withinput range 176Vac~264Vac, rated output 390Vdc/15.4A. The 3channels 120°interleaved operation significantly reduces highfrequency ripple current on the input DC BUS and the outputcapacitor; Switch frequency is set as 60KHz; Peak efficiency is up to97.6%.

                            15KW 3-phase full control PFC

                            This solution is a three phase six switch PFC design, supporting bi-directional energy flow; PIM IGBT module is sellected to get smallervolume and higher power density: TI DSP is designed to accomplish7-segment SVPWM three-phase PFC control, reducing the switchingloss, and the system efficiency is higher than 97%%. The power factorunder the rated load is up to 0.999, and iTHD is smaller than 2%.

                            3KW Totem-Pole PFC based on SiC device

                            The reference design is 3kW continuous mode totem-pole PFC, withinput 176Vac-264Vac and rated output 400Vdc/7.5A. This solution notonly discards the rectifier bridge and diode in the traditional PFCcircuit, but also adopts the 3rd generation semiconductor devicessuch as SiC/GaN, to reduce or eliminate the loss and straight-throughproblems caused by the reverse recovery of the traditional Mosfetbody diode in the current continuous mode, and the peak efficiencyof the solution reaches 99.1%.

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