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                            Technical Capabilities

                            Allied Group is committed to be a one-stop service provider for power electronics. We distribute multi brand electronic components, and have our own laboratory and dozens of AE/FAE and technical sales engineers specializing in various application fields. We provide device selection, component evaluation, failure analysis, circuit simulation, reference design and other services, which can keep your design at the forefront of the industry.
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                            Allied Group provides systematic services from device selection to total solution design. Our reference designs cover three major industries, E-Vehicle, industry and consumer electronics, from 65W GaN PD to 200KW motor drive, from LED driver to bi-directional energy storage, from industrial fan motor drive to inverter welding machine, with a wide range of applications. We provide professional on-site technical support to assist customers in solving project’s all technical problems from device selection to mass production, and also provide free iPowerSiM online simulation service to help customers design products with highest efficiency from the project design stage.
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                            Sofar New Energy

                            Sales & Warehouse Network

                            We have a sales network covering Greater China and Southeast Asia, with the headquarter in Shenzhen, branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, and offices in Kunshan, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Hefei and Chongqing, dedicated to providing localized services to our customers. We have 3 warehouse centers: Hong Kong warehouse, Shenzhen bonded warehouse and Shenzhen local warehouse, which can meet the delivery needs in Greater China.
                            Sales & Warehouse Network
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